A CanSat is a type of sounding rocket payload used to teach space technology. It is similar to the technology used in miniaturized satellites. No CanSat has ever left the atmosphere, nor orbited the earth. CanSats are equipped with a recovery system, usually a parachute, to limit damage upon recovery and to allow the CanSat to be reused. National Students' Space Challenge 2018 is proud to a hands-on workshop on CanSat in association with Star Labs, Surat.

Key Learning:

  • Introduction to Space Technology.
  • Satellite mission planning and execution.
  • Basic subsystems of a satellite.
  • The concept of small satellites.
  • Components to build a CanSat.
  • Basics of Arduino.
  • Basics of C/C++ programming
  • Interfacing of a sensor with the controller
  • Interfacing of RF module with the controller.
  • Building a ground station.
  • Assembling and Building CanSat.
  • Parachute drop.

Kit details:

  • Microcontroller (on board computer)
  • Microcomputer (ground station)
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Wireless communication RF module
  • Wires
  • Cables
  • Breadboard
  • Battery
  • Parachute
  • Can sized Structure

There is a registration limit of 75 participants for this workshop (priority limit based on first come first serve basis). The participants will receive the entire equipments listed above which they can retain even after the workshop (this is included in the registration fee).
All the participants will be provided with authentic certificates for attending the workshop.
Team Size: 5 participants (mandatory)
Registration fee: Rs. 700 per head


  • Tanishq Jasoria

  • Sai Jayanth Mudili