The workshop will start off with the Milky Way rotation curve, which is essentially the angular velocity of the Milky Way as a function of radius from the centre. By using data available online and using popular plotting techniques, curves of actual data and curves from theoretical roots will be plotted. Then, the workshop will progress on how the discrepancy between the curves is a sign of the existence of Dark Matter; followed by remarkable theories that don't take into account the existence of dark matter at all and yet beautifully explain the underlying physics of the observational universe.

National Students' Space Challenge 2018 presents an exclusive workshop on Observational Astronomy by renowned Prof. Nirupam Roy from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

Key Learning:

  • Introduction to the galaxies and the Milky Way
  • Obtaining data from open sources
  • Plotting on MATLAB (or other plotting software)
  • How to account for random errors in data.
  • Analysis of the data and the curve obtained.
  • Concepts of Dark Matter and Modified Newtonian Dynamics.

There is a registration limit of 100 participants for this workshop (priority limit based on first come first serve basis). Participants must have MATLAB installed on their laptops.
All the participants will be provided with authentic certificates for attending the workshop.
This workshop is free of cost.


  • Tanishq Jasoria

  • Sai Jayanth Mudili