The Strange World of Black Holes

Prof Gian Francesco Giudice

Black holes are perhaps the most nightmarishly fascinating features of our universe. Like long dark tunnels to nowhere, these mysterious fixtures in space exert a gravitational pull so gripping that nothing close by - not even light - can escape from being swallowed. Our love of black holes continues to grow as our knowledge of these celestial bodies expands.

On the board of our webinar series, we have Dr Gian Giudice Francesco, Head of Theoretical Physics Department at CERN Switzerland, the hub of theoretical physics. He has spent his career formulating new theories that extend our present knowledge of the particle world toward even smaller distances. Giudice has played an active role in studying the physics potential of particle accelerators, supporting and advocating several new projects at CERN and in other laboratories worldwide. He is also one of the originators of the idea that the universe is in a critical state which will eventually end in a cosmic collapse.

Besides his research work, Giudice is active in the popularization of science and outreach, often giving public lectures on particle physics and related topics, and participating in science festivals and other events.

Behold the ultimate physics extravaganza as Prof. Francesco unravels the strange world of black holes!


Anirudh Agarwal


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