Beyond the Standard Model

Dr Surjeet Rajendran

The Standard Model of particle physics is amazingly successful, yet it leaves many basic questions unanswered. From bizarre, unexplained parameters such as the cosmological constant, Higgs mass, or neutron electric dipole moment to the lack of explanation for observed phenomena such as dark matter and baryogenesis, there is strong evidence that the Standard Model must be extended.

Witness the renowned 2017 Breakthrough Prize Laureate Surjeet Rajendran enlighten us about what lies beyond the standard model. Honoured with the New Horizons in Physics prize, he currently resides in UC Berkely as an expert in Theoretical Particle Physics and precision metrology. He believes in inventing new experimental avenues to help answer these questions and discover new physics. He dwells in the world of gravitational waves using atomic clocks, axion dark matter through nuclear magnetic resonance techniques, identifying new classes of signatures at the Large Hadron Collider and at experiments designed to detect dark matter.

So join in the conclave to explore new realms of physics, a world beyond the Standard Model!


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