Where Curiosity meets Opportunity

A step by Armstrong on the moon was a giant leap for humanity. A step, taken by each young Indian could mean Humanity soaring by light years. We, the smiling faces of young India, are the explorers of mysteries that await us beyond the skies. For the first time, we saw our world, not as a solid, immovable, Indestructible place, but as a tiny, fragile-looking world just hanging against the blackness of space. With the motives of inculcating a culture of space technology, inspiring research in space technology, and broadening the horizons of the student community to cosmic research by eminent scientists, Space Technology Students’ Society, IIT Kharagpur started National Students' Space Challenge, India's first and largest space technology fest. NSSC provides a platform, a rostrum to explore your interests in space technology and prove your mettle in a plethora of events. Let’s all meet this year at IIT Kharagpur, yet again, to see how far we can go Together.


We are nothing but mere explorers in the infinite slate nature has given us. We are the ones who will walk beyond the borders because that’s where, we know, discovery takes place. We are the ones who question, the ones who see beyond, the square pegs in round holes.
Space Technology Students’ Society is the official student body under Kalpana Chawla Space Technology Cell, IIT Kharagpur which is the contact point of Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) at IIT Kharagpur. Our society has taken various initiatives to foster the interest in the student community of the nation in space science and technology throughout the year which includes Space Technology Awareness Camp, National Students’ Space Challenge. We also organize and conduct various in campus activities which comprise of sky gazing sessions, guest lectures, space quizzes, and Moonwalk (Bi-semester official newsletter).